The internet is one of the most influential inventions in human history.  Social media has allowed us, in many ways, to connect with people and learn things that we would otherwise never know.  It allows our voices to be amplified and regular folks to organize, shine a light on important causes, and bring about real change. 

It is not, however, without drawbacks.  Our real-life interactions have decreased. We now have the ability to only hear and read things from people we agree with.  Our level of discourse has become a highway road-rage shouting match on Facebook and Twitter.  We have become more polarized and less empathetic to those around us.

Old Cove Road is the street I grew up on.  It serves in my mind as a place where my beliefs and attitudes toward others developed.  This site is dedicated to having real conversations about topics that matter.  What's the impact of moving so far away from real conversation involving differing views?  Follow along and join the conversation as we find out.