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Old Cove Road is an ongoing conversation about mental health and community in the age of social media. 

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Katie R. Dale ( @KatieRDale) is the creator and mind behind BipolarBrave.com. Her blog encompasses a variety of aspects of mental illness under the umbrella of her Christian faith. She is pursuing publication of her memoir on her hospitalizations in her episodes of bipolar disorder. She accredits her sound mind to God answering her prayers through the grace of healing through medication.

Jennifer Escobar ( @thegogettergals) is the creator and voice behind TheGoGetterGal.com. Her blog focuses on bringing forth topics such as self-love, motivation, spirituality and other relevant topics to women who need a little extra encouragement in life. She speaks from her own personal experiences because she knows that it will help someone out there. She is currently working on branching out her brand "The Go Getter Gal" and seeing where it takes her.