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Old Cove Road is an ongoing conversation about mental health and community in the age of social media. 

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Chris Morandi, LPCC

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Katie R. Dale ( @KatieRDale) is the creator and mind behind BipolarBrave.com. Her blog encompasses a variety of aspects of mental illness under the umbrella of her Christian faith. She is pursuing publication of her memoir on her hospitalizations in her episodes of bipolar disorder. She accredits her sound mind to God answering her prayers through the grace of healing through medication.

Elle Lindsay ( @ElleBell1601) writes about the challenges faced by all of us that remain rarely openly discussed. Drawing from her own experiences and those of the people surrounding her, she aims to promote positivity, cooperation and openness. She strongly believes communication is far too overlooked - we can overcome many difficulties and find a better state of mind when we are able to discuss shared experiences as a society.

Ruby Grima ( @BPD_Rantings) writes entirely about her personal struggles with borderline personality disorder, and aims to educate people on this stigmatised and misunderstood mental illness. While it mostly looks like rants, it's a personal and honest glimpse into her daily struggles.

Cinthia ( OnTheRoad2Happiness) is a mental health advocate who believes that one can fully recover from mental illness. With over 20 years of life experience suffering with and recovering from mental illness, her recipe for recovery includes "inner child healing", meditation, exercise, medication, and balanced nutrition. She is an achieved Toastmaster Speaker with an array of best speaker awards. She lives in Concord NH USA with her husband Scott and dog Aubrey.